Young Fives

Monday – Friday ~ 8:30 – 12:30

Children develop at different rates and the education readiness of each five year old child varies greatly. Recognizing this difference in readiness, we have developed the Young 5’s class for those children who would greatly benefit from one more year before entering Kindergarten. This program offers additional learning experiences to help children grow socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. Young 5’s allows this development to take place happily and unhurriedly.  In a safe Christian environment, these children become more confident, more mature, and more focused. They often emerge as leaders among their peers in later grades. It gives them a leg-up in the school environment which often becomes very rigorous and competitive.  Our dedicated teachers give much attention to:

Cookie Day!
Following a recipe, baking, and decorating.

• Alphabet and phonics

• Basic math concepts

• Comprehension of subject matter

• Listening skills

• Attention and focusing abilities

• Confidence and self-control

• Handwriting skills

These classes also receive:

• Physical Education

• Computers

• Music

• Art

• Outdoor Play and Creative Movement

• Chapel

These classes greatly benefit those children who just need another year to mature and have that extra skill building before entering the Kindergarten school setting.  We see a lot of summer birthdays in this class. Placing your child in this class does not mean your child is “slow” and does not mean anything negative! You are giving them the best gift ever—the gift of another year to mature, achieve, comprehend skills, become more confident, and become a leader.