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I earned my degree in Early Childhood Education in Wisconsin. (Where I was born and raised.) My family moved to Georgia in 2002. As my husband and I began researching the best preschool for our 2 young sons, we quickly found that CFUMP was known as “THE BEST” preschool! As we were registering our sons, we found the preschool was looking for teachers. Fall of 2002, was my first year at CFUMP as an aide in a 2-year-old class.  The following year, I taught a 3 day 3-year-old class. Filling a need mid-year, I also became the teacher of a 2 day 3-year-old class. In 2004, I moved to teaching the Young 5’s. I have been very passionate about this class in the preschool program for the past 18 years. I am honored and blessed to be the Director of CFUMP.

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and graduated with a B.A. in Art Therapy & a B.A. in Studio Arts. I have extensive knowledge and experience in recruitment, budgeting/fundraising, and volunteer management. I moved to the Cumming area in 2010 with my husband and two daughters. I started as a substitute teacher with CFUMC Preschool and became an aide shortly after. I worked in the 2s, 4s, and Young 5s programs during my tenure here. I took a year off and worked with Babies Can’t Wait before returning to CFUMP this summer as the Assistant Director. I am excited to begin this new endeavor at THE BEST preschool around!



Faculty & Staff

The weekday Preschool at Cumming First United Methodist currently employs 52 ladies.  The staff consists of loving, dedicated individuals who value the children and their parents, and who wish to instill the love of learning to all children. These teachers are highly experienced with the many of  them having more than 15 years of experience teaching.

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